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This is it – day one of my living cookbook experiment.

What started it all – a love of food and the movie Waitress.

After watching this movie about what really matters in life – love & pie –  started making pies from scratch and giving them to others as a way to show how much I care about them.

Now  I am spending 6 months cooking, blogging sharing  stories about why food moments matter and putting my food is love theory into practice.

Check here for  ideas, inspiration, and just food fun to do with others. I plan to post 3 days a week, but even the best baker must flex their recipes. I also have a Facebook page up and running, so check that out too.

If you’ve never seen the movie Waitress, it seems a little girly, but I love her pie inventions and how they represent her life and imagination. Check out the preview.

And yes for those of you who’ve seen it, I do put a heart in the bottom of my pies.


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