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Day 3: Shipley and Skipton

There are a few things that just scream England to me. Here are some:

1) Fish and Chips

2) Castles

I got to enjoy both of these very English things in the same day.

Holy Cow! Life is good.

I tempted you with the title  “England’s National Dish.” Here’s the question,  do you think one of these food items are considered England’s national dish?

Fish and Chips with Smashed Peas

Macaroni and Cheese

Fish Pie

Believe it or not, none of these dishes are considered England’s national dish! I knew the macaroni was a stretch, but hey, it looks kind of English in that picture.

England’s national dish is Chicken Tikka Masala.

Shipley has a large Indian population, so we had a chance to enjoy  a really yummy bowl of England’s National Dish (it even advertised it’s status on the menu). This brings to question, what is America’s national dish? Probably the hamburger, but wouldn’t that be cool if it was Chop Suey? This American creation has the same history as Chicken Tikki Marsala, both were adopted and altered to fit their new nations taste buds.

Now for the castle…

Skipton Castle is the second best maintained castle in all of England. It feels  like a very large, empty, drafty house that happens to have peek holes for arrows and other weapons. The medieval security system. I couldn’t shake the feeling we were at an open house and kept wondering where the realtor was…

The dining hall. It should be big enough for our next party…

Now you could cook some serious things in this hearth!

We did put an offer down on it, but I think the ghosts will out bid us.


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