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Day 2: Leeds

That night we visited Leed, a large city in between York and Shipley. We decided to catch a movie and dinner. We ended up dining at one of my favorite chef’s restaurants. I love Jamie Oliver. If you’ve never heard of Jamie you have to check out The Food Revolution that aired last year in America. Jamie worked hard to overhaul the school food system in England and has now set his sights on America. He’s a great defender of food that’s good and good for you, with a lot of respect for the plants and animals that provide it. 

Mushroom ravioli (mushrooms picked by Jamie’s friend Mike, I’m not kidding).

My favorite dessert, if not single best item I ate on the entire trip came from Jamie’s restaurant. It was  caramel ice cream with crushed honey comb on the top. Oh food Gods, I can’t thank you enough!

My sweetheart John has a strong sweet tooth, so despite having dessert at he restaurant he also had to get popcorn at the movie theater. Get ready for this people, here is a million-trillion-dollar idea: in England they have Kettle Korn at the movie theater. Yes, you read that right, Kettle Korn. They call it sweet corn, but it’s basically the same thing.

As your official food ambassador between our two nations I am happy to say “Brilliant!”


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When I started telling people about this project, one of first questions I was asked was, “So are you going to the Lenexa Spinach Festival?”

It was on my radar, but after being asked 10 times, it became a must food event.

Lenexa celebrates their history of being the World’s Spinach Capital by hosting a day full of fun with vitamins.

What I loved most about the festival was how they truly celebrated this nutritious green and made it fun for everyone.

From spinach trivia trails, to tacos topped with spinach, “I like spinach” t-shirts, spinach cook-offs, Popeye, and of course, the giant spinach salad, I am certain that many a kidd-o had their first taste of this veggie at the fest.

I salute my fork to you Lenexa for putting on an veg enthusiasts gathering that everyone can enjoy.

* The fest started with a pancake breakfast. We all know how I feel about pancakes. Surprisingly enough, there was also Tang.

* Next we had a run-in with some celebrities…

* We had to take a trip to the Garden Cafe. Local enthusiasts prepared spinach dishes like spinach wraps, spinach balls, spinach dip (you name it)  for fest goers to sample.


* As you can imagine, Popeye had to get in on this…

* The Sweet Pea Baby crawl was the cutest food/cartoon character inspired event I have ever seen.

* The Kettle Korn was even green!

* But the ice cream was not!

Have you ever been to the Spinach Festival? Who did you go with? What food festivals do you love?

I’m on the tasty trail…so comment or e-mail your stories to thepiesthatbind@gmail.com

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During this project I plan on attending as many food festivals as I can. What I’ve learned so far is that food festivals overlap, so choices have to be made.

This weekend we went to the Santa-Cali-Gon-Days in Independence Missouri. This four day festival is filled with all kinds of food and fun – mostly deep fried and sugary which is the best kind in my book.

My dear friend Kendra (an Independence native) is currently living overseas. She highly recommended the funnel cakes and I happen to love funnel cakes.

So Kendra, this one is for you….

It was a tough decision, but I choose not to attend the root beer drinking contest on Sunday and focused my energy on the Ice Cream Eating contest on Monday. I did not compete, but I thought about it.

There were four rounds, no silverware and a lot of Wipe ‘em’s — it’s worth a watch.  The great thing was that there sisters on stage cheering on brothers, mothers’ and daughters competing together, proud parents hovering with camera’s and even a returning couple who got engaged on stage last year after winning the competition. All covered in chocolate and loving every minute of it.

Ice Cream Eating Contest sponsored by Mugs Up Root Beer

Ages 8 and under – although they are cute, they are hard to see…the real contest starts with the next group.

Ages 9- 12

Ages 14-17 — this one was my favorite!

17 and up

Food Everywhere!

And some very charming homemade stands.

We kept seeing people eating this pile of fried golden heaven…

homemade potato chips!

There was this huge line, and I asked what it was for? “Homemade Mugs Up Root Beer and Cream Soda,” a woman in line said. “It’s the best. It’s not carbonated and only lasts in the fridge for 2 days. You should get some.”

So we did.

As to be expected, there was a Kettle Korn infestation. People carry it around like babies…sweet, sweet babies.

What’s your favorite food festival, carnival, or fair food to share?

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