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Day 1 – Shipley

On our recent trip to northern England our host and good friend, Kendra, mentioned to me that we should take a trip to the grocery store. I was so excited. I love grocery stores in a slightly obsessive way. Every time I go in a new one I have to look for hard to find items and check out how all my favorites are arranged.

We went to her local ASDA which is owned by Wal-mart. It’s really a lot like a Wal-mart on the surface except everything is green instead of blue.

Kendra pointed out the cards section. She’s an all-around-terrific-card-guru.

The big trend in English food is local, and I mean that a little differently than you think. It’s all about the region it comes from not necessarily which chicken is closest to you (regional pride really). Each package is labeled proudly on the front with Yorkshire sausage or Gloucester cheese. 70% of the products are labeled that way when it comes to fresh goods.

We wandered up and down the aisle looking for things that were particularly English.

Yorkshire Pudding

We bought a lot of things to try, but I got really excited about their birthday cakes. Like their eggs, they don’t refridgerate them, they sit out like a loaf of bread. Not only are they covered in an intense plastic-like frosting, they were all white cake with a strawberry jam in the middle.

So we bought one…

When we got back to Kendra’s flat we happened to park next to an ice cream truck. I love ice cream trucks, I mean really love them. I chase them like the Beatles, so to see an English one was thrilling. We decided then and there we must have ice cream with our birthday cake.

Kendra fixed us a lovely dinner of  “h”erbed scrambled eggs and potatoes. It was truly yummy and hit the spot after all the airplane food.

and unfortunately the much-anticipated  Animal birthday cake was not so yummy…


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