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Day 5: Liverpool

Yeah,  we love the Beatles. My husband and I have a special love for Paul in particular, as does our good friend Kendra. On our recent visit to see Kendra in Northern England we stopped over in Liverpool for a true Beatles experience. (Yes, we did ride on the Magical Mystery Tour Bus, just in case you were wondering).

George Harrison’s childhood home

Paul McCartney’s childhood home

The lobby ceiling at the Hard Days Night Hotel.

The sheet music rustled with any breeze.

Photos of the Beatles hang up the long and winding staircase

Our room. Hi John.

Kendra’s room. Hello Paul.

How is the food related you ask?

Perhaps it was the Strawberry Fields we saw?

Or the incredible Italian dinner in what was promised to be a “lively” restaurant? (There was a singing waiter who kissed the ladies, I’m not kidding-  it was indeed elegant and lively).

Salmon Stuffed Ravioli

Scallops on the half shell

Linguine with basil and tomato sauce

But truly, it was the Beatles inspired drinks at the Hard Days Night Hotel that took the cake.

Our last night together after days of experiencing English food culture, we sat in the bar, listened to the Beatles, and simply enjoyed each others company. I had “Honey Can’t Buy Me Love” and Kendra had “All You need is Love.”

Then we traded drinks for a sip.

When food and love mix and mingle, that’s the happiest feeling of all. It’s true- the love you take is equal to the love you make, or bake in my case.

Thank you Kendra!


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